Apologies for the bad quality.  I really was installing DD-WRT whilst recording, for the first time!  I tried to tidy it up but it’s still fairly rough!

  1. Go the the DD-WRT website.
  2. Go to Router Database.
  3. Search for your Router (or one you might want to buy), in my case the Linksys WRT54GL from NewEgg (note:  NOT a sponsored link and other shops are available).
  4. Read this stuff: http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=51486
  5. Notes:  Initial flashing ‘Mini Generic’ via web interface.   Give it at least 2 mins after reboot!
  6. Installation guide: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Installation
  7. Lifehacker article: http://lifehacker.com/178132/hack-attack-turn-your-60-router-into-a-600-router
  8. Short version:
    1. Plug in the router
    2. Install the mini-generic DD-WRT firmware
    3. Reboot the router if it doesn’t restart itself
    4. Install the full DD-WRT firmware.  It should restart
    5. Enjoy the shininess of the new firmware!
    6. Reset the password and username!


  • The router restarts itself when you flash the firmware, which is nice.
  • If you change the IP of the router you may have to disconnect and reconnect the network through linux to force it to update the new IP address.  Don’t forget like I did!
  • To set up a Wii via Wi-Fi you need to set the router up as ‘Ad-Hoc’ else it doesn’t seem to show in the Wii menu.
  • I had problems with my previous router being and the DSL being making me hard reset and set the details back up.  Might be unrelated to this, however changing the IP to for the router and keeping for the DSL resolved this problem.
  • It was pretty damn simple!  At least a lot simple and faster then installing windows!
  • Total time isn’t too long, but I’d recommend having a second router on hand (if you can) to keep internet access in case things go hairy!
  • … because I had forgotten about your stupid antics.

    So at work I’m back working with a few Windows servers and a Windows domain and a bunch of Linux web servers and similar.

    Anyway so we’re tidying up stuff and we have an old copy of Visual Source Safe.  So I log in and it wants to run some check.  Fair enough, except when I was letting it run it couldn’t figure out what percentage it was through:

    It checks the filenames on the left, from AAAAA to ZZZZZ (no idea what they are though).  But it claims to be at 100%.  Well we all knew Microsoft Couldn’t count.

    Then on another server I was looking up something (specifically the process monitor from sys internals).  I got this message:

    The ‘Internet Explorer Enhances Security Configuration’ blocks bing.com.  Is there something it knows that we don’t?

    Anyway that was all I wanted to say, just another fun day at the office :)

    So I’m working again as most people know.  Odd as it’s as a contractor and it’s very complicated.  Anyway so we had to use our own equipment and we haven’t spent time tidying it up as we’re in a temporary location.  This is what the office looks like:

    (Click for the larger image)

    You can’t see but there is another machine just below where the picture ends (hence the cables running that way).  Also note the mountain dews (more are there behind monitors!)

    Highlighted picture below, as you can’t really see everything:

    FOUR red highlighted laptops (one is hidden by another one almost)

    FOUR green highlighted routers.  Or maybe only three.  I’ve lost track now.  I highlighted four though.

    ONE blue server (aka the boss’s desktop PC)

    Four running laptop, three network hubs, two mountain dews and an overpowered gaming machine?  Sounds almost like a song!

    Sadly only my laptop and the server are running Linux though :(

    ** UPDATE **

    Four routers.  Only three plugged in though.

    My parents are visiting and brought me a gift.  Some yummy marmite and a spreader and toast rack.

    Fantastic!  Being me I read the stuff on the back.

    Do not sell to under 18s?  Presumably because of the knife (although I may be wrong on this assumption!)

    Let’s look at this knife shall we?

    Not even a sharp point.  But how sharp are the edges?

    The other side is just as sharp (or just as unsharp).

    So unless I’m missing something, it is banned for under 18s purely because the implement here is described as a ‘knife’!  Idiotic!